The latest threat to North Carolina gun rights appears to be a coordinated effort by multiple county commissions to virtually end shooting on private land, with two hearings coming up on August 5th and 12th. Only you can end this cancer before it spreads!

This new attack by gun ban leftists seems to be firearms discharge ordinances designed not to provide “reasonable public safety” as proponents claim, but instead to create wide swaths of areas within counties where the lawful discharge of firearms for training, recreation and pest control are prohibited.

The first and most immediate threat is in Guilford County, where a newly elected Democrat majority on its county commission is debating just such a discharge ban, with a public hearing scheduled for next week, August 5th.What this draconian discharge ban does:

ð  Defines anyplace where a gun is discharged, including your own land, as a “shooting range;”

ð  All but bans hunting anywhere within 150 yards of virtually any structure;

ð    Bans even shooting a rat in your own barn with a .22 rifle;

ð  Prohibits all moving targets, including not only shooting at varmints, but also simple moving targets such as a metallic “dueling tree”

ð     Bans each and every discharge of a rifle or pistol unless a berm 2 feet thick and 4 feet above the target is used; and

ð    Ends all training for concealed handgun permits or other defensive firearm training at outdoor ranges.

The Guilford commissioners will claim we are wrong, but they will be lying because the sleight of hand they are trying to pull lies within the ridiculously over-broad definitions of what constitutes a “shooting range or gallery,” as well as other definitions.

We need you to contact Guilford commissioners REGARDLESS OF WHERE YOU LIVE!

This ordinance cannot be allowed to create a precedent which will undoubtedly be followed by other left-leaning county commissions.




ð      CALL & EMAIL the commissioners using the contact information below. [Note: two Republican members of the Commission, Justin Conrad and Alan Perdue have said they will support the rights of gun owners.] Let them know in no uncertain terms that you will not tolerate this attack on your rights.

ð      ATTEND THE MEETING: The public hearing scheduled for 5:30 pm on Thursday, August 5th in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room located on the 2nd floor of the Old County Courthouse, 301 W. Market St., Greensboro, NC, 27401. Feel free to sign up to speak against the draconian gun ban.

    •  Guilford County Commission Contact Info:

Chairman Melvin “Skip” Alston                    336 324-3515

Vice-Chair J. Carlvena Foster                      336 365-0692

Commissioner Katie “Kay” S. Cashion          336 274-6272

Commissioner Carolyn Q. Coleman              336 202-0316

Commissioner Carly Cooke                         336 580-6813

Commission Mary Beth Murphy                   336 604-9647

Commissioner James Upchurch                   336 690-9570


EMAIL THE COMMISSIONERS using this block of “cut and paste” email addresses:;;;;;;;;

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Guilford County Commissioners:

Proposed changes to your ordinance on discharge of firearms in Guilford County would virtually end the lawful outdoor use of firearms in Guilford County, including draconian restrictions on hunting, pest control, sport shooting and, most importantly, defensive firearm training.

I strongly oppose your proposed ordinance and will not stand idle while you attack the rights of lawful gun owners. In fact, if you pass the ordinance I will work to defeat you in all future elections, and will encourage even gun owners who live outside Guilford County to avoid spending money in Guilford County businesses.

I will be monitoring your actions through Grass Roots North Carolina legislative alerts.