Grass Roots North Carolina is just a lightning rod: Our effectiveness in defending your rights depends on conducting YOUR input to specific legislators, committees or, in some cases, businesses. To best defend your rights, YOU need to do these things:

  1. Subscribe to and read GRNC alerts: We will not spam you, nor do we sell our membership list to other groups. Signing up for GRNC e-mail alerts guarantees you timely notification of pending legislation, attempts by local tyrants to attack your rights, and more. Because things change quickly -- and often with little notice -- on the legislative scene, we ask you to read alerts as quickly as possible. For our part, we will make it as easy as possible for you to respond without taking excessive time from your busy schedule.

  2. Join and support GRNC: As noted elsewhere, GRNC is a volunteer organization which will use your support as efficiently as possible in defending your rights. But make no mistake, kicking political tail requires money.

  3. Volunteer your time: As an all-volunteer organization, GRNC needs not only money, but volunteers in dozens of activities, from Legislative Action Team members, to gun show volunteers, to those with computer skills, graphics skills, and even the ability to conduct postcard mailings from home.

  4. Sign up new members: Because GRNC derives its effectiveness by directing thousands of calls and e-mails to appropriate targets, the more respondants we have, the more effective we are. Tell friends and relatives about GRNC and get them involved!

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