Release date:         November 30, 2019


Redistricting demonstration to



Grass Roots North Carolina weighs in on redistricting battle in the courts


In what has become a recurring legal battle, Eric Holder and his “National Redistricting Action Fund” are again suing to strike down North Carolina political districts for the 2020 elections in an attempt to recreate Democrats’ recent wins in Virginia. In response, Grass Roots North Carolina has arranged a limited demonstration to raise voter awareness of this attempt to use courts to subvert the will of voters.


Despite assertions to the contrary, the practice of drawing political districts to favor one party is neither illegal nor uncommon in U.S. history:


  • Voters elected the present General Assembly with full knowledge that Republicans would draw political districts;

  • Holder and Obama are largely responsible for the recent takeover of Virginia – a takeover that has Gov. Ralph Northam already planning a wide variety of gun control;

  • The Democrats drew districts to keep “Blue” control of an essentially “Red” state for more than a generation, during which time Democrats had absolutely no problem with gerrymandering;

  • The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that the drawing of political districts by the party in power is permissible, meaning Republicans are only doing what political bodies have done since the inception of our republic; and

  • Holder and his organization seem to have no problem with states in which Democrats gerrymander districts; all litigation directed by the National Redistricting Committee is in states controlled by Republicans, representing little more than a power grab.



Accordingly, Grass Roots North Carolina is holding a limited demonstration at the Wake County Courthouse to raise voter awareness of the ongoing attempt to subvert the will of voters and re-draw districts to favor progressives in a pattern which has become known as “Sue ‘til they’re blue.”


When: Monday, December 2, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Where: Wake County Courthouse, 300 Fayetteville St., Raleigh, NC

Details: For additional information, call GRNC president Paul Valone at 704-907-9206.