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Release date: April 2, 2022


Rules for ANTI-Radicals: A Practical

Handbook for Defeating Leftism


In radio interview, nationally syndicated radio host

Tom Gresham calls book “fantastic” and “an instant classic”

[Raleigh] Grass Roots North Carolina president Paul Valone has just released Rules for ANTI-Radicals: A Practical Handbook for Defeating Leftism, detailing the tactics learned in his 28 years as a grassroots mobilization leader.


In an interview on Tom Gresham’s nationally syndicated radio show, “Gun Talk Radio,” Gresham lauded the book calling it “fantastic” and “an instant classic,” further predicting that book will become “the user manual for gun rights groups.”


To hear Gresham’s podcast of the interview, go to:


As a nuts-and-bolts guide to tactics for conservatives, Rules for ANTI-Radicals has no direct competition. Other books decry Marxism or speak in generalities, but Valone’s book gives conservatives specific tactics to counter leftism not only in the political area, but in daily life.


Rules for ANTI-Radicals builds upon and updates tactics originally developed by Saul Alinsky in Rules for Radicals, which has been the guidebook for left-wing activism for 50 years. Said NC House Representative Jay Adams, in his foreward to the book, “Paul has refined Alinsky’s methods and turned them mercilessly against the left.”


The book gives tools and tactics not only for conservative political activists, but also for mainstream Americans being silence in their daily lives by leftism.


Rules for ANTI-Radicals is available on Amazon, but if purchased at, author Paul Valone will donate $7.00 to Grass Roots North Carolina for every purchase which uses the coupon code GRNC.

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