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Release date: September 6, 2022





Grass Roots NC sends alert to thousands of gun

owners asking them to help East Henderson Youth

Football and Cheerleading sell tickets



[Raleigh] The “woke” mob is once again voicing its intolerance, this time over a western North Carolina youth group holding an AR-15 raffle to raise money.

The East Henderson Youth Football and Cheerleading (EHYFC) team in East Flat Rock, NC is holding the raffle to buy equipment. 

Said an organization representative: "The use of the field, stadium, and facilities re not free, the lost uniforms, mouth pieces, chin straps, ear pads,

bows, and socks are not free … Equipment is not free, the insurance is not free, and all the other fees the league must pay are not imaginary.”

But of course, that isn’t good enough for the left, which quickly trolled the team’s Facebook page with comments like “So proud (not!) to live in NC.” Another woman wrote on Facebook, “Sad, I can’t imagin [sic] with all the school shootings and with children … bad :( .” Another posted, “It’s disgusting and deplorable.”

And leave it to the leftist media to pile on as the McClatchy “news” organs picked up the story, attempting to further shame a group simply trying to provide sports and character-building opportunities for kids.

In response, Grass Roots North Carolina has sent alerts to over 100,000 gun rights supporters as well as gun-related media asking them to buy tickets and help the kids raise money for much-needed equipment.


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