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Release date:      February 3, 2014


GRNC Joins Rep. Mark Meadows in Demand for Investigation


Feds & state use 'Ruby Ridge tactics' against NC hunters...

Operation “Something Bruin” was run by the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission (NCWRC), in conjunction with the United States Forest Service (USFS). This four-year, $2 million undercover operation was conducted to uncover bear poaching rings in western North Carolina and Georgia. However, it has instead raised serious questions about the officers and agents involved in the operation, including accusations by dozens of hunters that:

  • NCWRC agents illegally entrapped hunters into crimes such as bear baiting, nighttime hunting and selling organs -- crimes they otherwise had no intention of committing;
  • Few of the 81 hunters arrested have been convicted of crimes;
  • State and federal agents killed 6 of 10 illegally hunted bears themselves; and
  • Federal agents wearing body armor and carrying fully automatic weapons raided homes, detaining parents outside their homes while small children inside were left screaming and unattended.


GRNC commends Congressman Mark Meadows' calls for investigation

In a courageous move to protect his constituents, Congressman Mark Meadows recently sent  letters to Deputy Inspector General Mary Kendall of the U.S. Department of the Interior and Inspector General Phyllis Fong of the U.S. Department of Agriculture calling for an investigation into Operation Something Bruin.


GRNC calls for Burr & McCrory to stand up for North Carolinians

In letters sent to Governor Pat McCrory and Senator Richard Burr, GRNC president Paul Valone called for Burr's support of a federal investigation of Something Bruin and for McCrory to advocate a state level investigation of NCWRC as well.  Said Valone: "We will not allow another travesty like Ruby Ridge to occur here. If it can be proven that USFS or NCWRC officers committed wildlife violations or illegally entrapped hunters, the citizens victimized by their actions deserve to see appropriate criminal charges filed."