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Release date: February 22, 2023

Lies Democrats tell you

F. Paul Valone

When faced with narrowly crafted, thoroughly logical pro-gun legislation, what do leftists do? They lie, of course.

Both the North Carolina House and Senate have recently passed legislation to expand carry of concealed handguns to include churches which sponsor schools (e.g. preschools and elementary schools). Under current NC law, church carry is legal unless the church sponsors a school, in which case it becomes “educational property” under NC statutes, making firearm carry a felony.

The two bills, SB 41 and HB 49, have been carefully crafted to apply only to churches, specifically excluding any properties owned by school boards, county governments, or institutions of higher learning (e.g. churches on college campuses), and applying only when curricular and extracurricular school activities are not taking place.

In a neat reversal of truth, however, television and newspaper media have spun the issue…


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