Chairman of the NC Senate Rules Committee, Bill Rabon, would rather bully a female activist, who was simply exercising her rights, than pass pro-gun HB-746. . .

It’s a sad day in Raleigh when politicians who claim to be pro-gun act as though they are anything but. It’s an even sadder day when an honest citizen, petitioning her Representatives, is driven to tears after telling the Senator that she would relay his position on HB-746 (Permitless Concealed Carry and more) to other gun rights voters. Yet, that is exactly what happened today in Raleigh. Senator “Bully Bill” Rabon, bullied a pro-gun activist when she acknowledged Rabon’s stance on HB-746, and said that she would relay his position to other pro-gun voters.

“Bully Bill’s” Anti-Gun Stance
What was “Bully Bill” Rabon’s stance on HB-746? His stance was precisely the same stance one would expect from any random anti-gun Democrat—basically, there will be no bills moving through the senate that are not pre-scheduled, including HB-746. Translated from politi-speak, Rabon essentially said: No pro-gun bills now, and because we don’t have supermajorities after December, there will be no pro-gun bills for years to come. Sorry gun owners, but thanks for sending me back to the Senate.

Please understand that Bully Bill is the chairman of the powerful Senate Rules Committee, and so he is the senator responsible for stalling HB-746 ever since it made it to the senate at the beginning of this legislative session (that’s a looong time ago, folks). Up until now, NC gun owners have had their rights withheld by Senator Rabon, and it would seem that he aims to use his power to keep it that way.

“Bully Bill” Rabon Must Apologize, Resign Chairmanship
Enough is enough. First, Bully Bill spent the better part of a year thumbing his nose at gun owners by stalling HB-746, and now, when asked about it by a citizen, a citizen who has every right to know what is happening at the legislature, he drives her to tears. Rabon must apologize, and Rabon must step down as chair of the Senate Rules Committee. It’s time for a serious, pro-gun rights Republican to take that position.

Below, see how you can contact “Bully Bill” Rabon to let him know that bullying citizens and driving them to tears is not in his job description, and is actually quite discouraged. Also, demand that he publicly apologize to the woman, and resign as chairman of the Rules Committee. Below, you’ll also see how you can contact President Pro Tempore of the Senate Phil Berger, to insist that he encourage Bully Bill’s resignation from the committee chair.

Immediate Action Required!


    Calling is most effective, so please do call:
    Use this number, (919) 733-5963, to demand that Rabon apologize to the woman he bullied over her statement that she would inform voters of his stance, insist that he resign the Rules Committee chairmanship to allow a Republican who supports the party platform to take over (and perhaps one more even-tempered). Use the text below to leave a message with a staffer (or a voice-mail).
Hello, My name is ________, and I am calling to express my anger over Senator Rabon’s recent treatment of a female pro-gun activist. I understand he bullied a woman to tears upon hearing that she would convey the Senator’s stance on HB-746 to other gun voters. Citizens have a right to petition and redress their government and Mr. Rabon is not above questioning. This was uncalled for, and I am demanding that Mr. Rabon immediately apologize to the woman he wronged, and step down as Chairman of the Rules Committee. Thank you.


  • EMAIL “BULLY BILL” RABON: Use the email address and the copy-paste text provided below, under ‘Deliver This Message to “Bully Bill”,’ to demand that the Senator apologize and remove himself from the Rules Committee chairmanship.

  • EMAIL SENATE LEADER PHIL BERGER: Use the email address and the copy-paste text provided below, under ‘Deliver This Message to Phil Berger’.

    Yes, this is what we’re up against—going head to head with REPUBLICANS to move pro-gun legislation. Please help us in our work to overcome this absurd reality. These are the sort of battles we have ahead of us, for at least two years, and we need resources to fund these battles. CLICK HERE to contribute (or go to: Every little bit helps.




Send to:

Suggested Subject: "Apologize and Resign the Chairmanship for Your Bullying"


Dear Senator Rabon:

I am contacting you to express my anger over your recent treatment of a female, pro-gun activist, as I understand you drove a woman to tears upon hearing that she would convey your stance on HB-746 to other gun voters. Citizens have a right to petition and redress their government and you are not above questioning. This was uncalled for.

Between your treatment of pro-gun citizens and your refusal to move pro-gun bills, a couple of things are in order. First, it’s important that you apologize to the woman you drove to tears after she demonstrated the audacity to make note of your “thumbs-down” stance on a pro-gun bill. This sort of behavior is not acceptable, I’m sure you would agree.

Also, it is clearly time for new leadership on the Senate Rules Committee. Having stalled HB-746 for so long, something that could not be done without intention, it is clear that your leadership is ineffective, and that your stance on gun rights does not line up with the Republican Party’s platform. With this, I must insist that you resign your position as the Rules Committee Chairman and make room for a more effective Republican leader.

Do the right thing, Mr. Rabon. Apologize to the woman you bullied and resign your Rules Committee chairmanship. I will be monitoring your actions on this matter through alerts from Grass Roots North Carolina.




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