Gun Rights Supporters:

    Thanks to your help, GRNC has prevailed yet again. This time, your efforts helped kill House Bill 712, a bill which started life in a relatively benign form, but was amended in committee to allow judges to confiscate and destroy guns belonging to people convicted of nothing.

HB 712 originally allowed police to destroy unclaimed and confiscated guns (not guns belonging to lawful owners). GRNC opposed the bill as written, but with help from Rep. Jay Adams (R-Catawba, GRNC ****) and Larry Pittman (R-Cabarrus, ****), GRNC got it changed to require guns be offered for public sale before destruction and was ready with floor amendments to add pro-gun measures.


Gun control collusion
between Democrats and a Republican...

    But then subterfuge began in the NC House Rules Committee, when anti-gun Democrat Marcia Morey (D-Durham, 0-star) colluded with anti-gun Republican John Faircloth (R-Guilford, **) to add language which would have allowed judges to permanently confiscate guns from people convicted of nothing... all in the vaguely claimed interest of “public safety.”

    Adding insult to injury, under the Morey/Faircloth proposal, guns confiscated from people guilty of nothing would have been destroyed.

    You may recall that Morey is the sponsor of “red flag” gun confiscation bill HB 454 and was formerly, of course, a judge. She undoubtedly harbors fantasies of judges banning guns from the bench.
GRNC stopped the subterfuge

    But Morey and Faircloth’s attempt to sneak gun control through the legislature failed when GRNC discovered the subterfuge and sent alerts which led GRNC supporters to deluge legislators with angry emails and calls.

    In the end, HB 712 was pulled from the legislative calendar and died, thanks to GRNC’s alert team – and especially thanks to all of YOU who called and emailed.

Phony gun groups that didn’t help...
     Some of you probably got a recent mailing from an empty shell calling itself the “North Carolina Firearms Coalition,” the envelope for which contained an alarmist teaser of “Red Flag Gun Seizure Legislation (H454) Introduced! Stop Roy Cooper’s Gun Control Bill.

    Ignoring for a moment that HB 454 was already dead, thanks in no small part to GRNC’s efforts to kill it, you have seen exactly zero efforts by this phony gun group to stop either HB 454 or HB 712.

    Why didn’t they help kill HB 712? Because the phony “North Carolina Firearms Coalition” has neither the means nor the intent to stop gun control: No legislative presence in Raleigh. No alert network. Nada. Nothing except, of course, their efforts to separate you from your money.

Please help North Carolina’s REAL gun
rights organization defeat anti-gun leftists

    By contrast, GRNC was responsible for passing concealed carry in North Carolina. Since then, we have gone on to pass concealed handgun reciprocity, the pistol purchase permit bypass, Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground, the expansion of concealed carry into restaurants, parks, educational properties (limited) and more.
Beyond fighting for gun rights in both Congress and the NC General Assembly, GRNC intends to keep anti-gun leftists out of Congress this fall.

    In particular, Dan McCready, Democrat candidate for the special election in our 9th Congressional District, should be billing himself as “Son of A.O.C.

    It doesn’t matter whether or not you live in the district. It should disturb you that leftists nullified an election we won, then pumped millions of dollars into the resulting special election.

$2.6 million to attack your gun rights...

    Out-of-state left-wing money has so far enabled McCready to raise $2.6 million, all to attack your gun rights once elected.

    GRNC intends to be very active in this race, and will do our utmost to ensure that North Carolina’s congressional delegation continues to be overwhelmingly pro-gun.  But we need your help!

Please contribute by going to:

    As you know, GRNC is all-volunteer, meaning every dime you contribute goes directly to defending your rights. As always, we vow to put your contribution to more efficient, effective use in defending your gun rights than any other organization. With your help, GRNC will continue its 25-year history of success.




Armatissimi e liberissimi, 


F. Paul Valone
President, Grass Roots North Carolina
Executive Director, Rights Watch International
Radio host, Guns, Politics and Freedom

P.S. With Donald Trump in the White House and the Democrat-controlled US House so far held at bay, some gun rights supporters have become complacent. Keep in mind that at this time, we are one election away from having our gun rights gutted. Please consider giving $100, $50, or even $25 today!