Pro-gun stalwart to offer full school protection bill as an amendment…

If you follow GRNC’s alerts, then you know that GRNC 4-star statesman, Rep. Larry Pittman (Cabarrus, Rowan), can always be counted on to stand for your gun rights. In fact, he not only stands for them, he takes strides to advance them, and advance a pro-gun bill is exactly what Rep. Pittman intends to do, with your help.

Studies Show
Studies by the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC), with respected researcher Dr. John Lott at its helm, have concluded that schools that allow educators and administrators to be armed are much (much) safer than their gun-free counterparts.  To read more about the CPRC’s study, click here. Incidentally, t
hanks to GRNC’s hard-working volunteers, NC’s House Republicans have been made well aware of this study and its results, so any legislator’s claimed ignorance of this truth is not viable.

Help Rep. Pittman Help North Carolina
Rep. Pittman intends to offer House Bill 216 (H216) (School Self-Defense Act), in its entirety, as an amendment to Senate Bill 5 (S5) (School Safety Omnibus), which is quite alive, but has just been sent back to the Rules Committee. We must encourage the Rules Committee members and other House Republicans to either allow a full hearing for H216 or to move forward with S5, with H216 as an amendment. 

Note that the addition of language from H216 to S5 (or the passage of H216 by itself, in its entirety) would make school protection complete—entirely practical and most importantly: effective. The uniting of these two bills (or H216 alone) would be a great development, however, Rep. Pittman needs your help if this is to happen.

Push Republicans in the Right Direction
Below, see how you can easily contact the House Republican caucus to insist they do the right thing. To give them the push they need, please use the information provided below to send them a message.  (Note: GRNC will be tracking legislators' votes on this, and it will go down on their gun-rights record---for better or worse).





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Suggested Subject: "Republicans Must Protect School Children Now


Dear Representative,

I’m delighted to have learned of the push to amend S5 (School Safety Omnibus) with the entirety of H216 (School Self-Defense Act). The uniting of these two bills would be a wonderful development and is exactly what is required to protect North Carolina’s school children in a practical and effective manner. I have also been informed that S5 has been sent back to the Rules Committee, which would allow for a committee hearing for S5 in the coming days.

With the protection of the children in our state’s schools in mind, I must insist that one of two things occur:

1) H216, in its entirety, should be heard on the House floor and receive a vote; or
2) SB5 should be heard in the Rules committee, and H216 should subsequently be allowed as an amendment.

Through the work of the Crime Prevention Research Center, with respected researcher Dr. John Lott at its helm, we now have unambiguous, academic studies showing schools that allow teachers and faculty to be armed are much, much safer than their gun-free counterparts. There is just no way around it, allowing adults who are on scene to protect their students in a practical, immediate manner is the only way to effectively save the lives of school children, should the worst occur.

With this in mind, Representative, whose side are you on? I know which side I’m on, the side that puts children under an umbrella of genuine protection, an umbrella provided by the responsible adults who surround them.

Our state’s school children must be protected. To make this good and proper sentiment a reality, I insist that you push for the uniting of H216 and S5, or a full hearing and vote for H216, that you vote for them in committee (where that may apply), and on the House floor, ultimately voting in favor of protecting school children.

I've been informed that GRNC will be tracking votes on the amendment and on the amended bill. Of course, gun owners will also be watching, but perhaps most importantly, concerned parents will be watching.

I’ll be monitoring your actions on this matter through alerts from Grass Roots North Carolina.




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