A coalition of the spineless is forming to push for Gun Confiscation "SWATing" laws [ERPO’s Extreme Risk Protection Orders or so-called ‘Red Flag’ laws]
The Liberty Grabbers are back again trying to exploit the raw emotion of the moment to do what is unconstitutional and dangerous.  They want to impose new laws that will eliminate due process to confiscate your guns, and who is right there to help them along? Keep reading.
Red flag laws an extremely bad solution to a problem that does not exist, ‘mental health holds’ can already be used to confine those who may be dangerous, and these ex parte proceedings that turn due process on its head have already lead to one death
Senator Thom Tillis, possibly to be known going forward as “Senator ‘Red Flag’ Tillis,” is now in favor of full blown, unconstitutional gun control, and putting people's lives in danger. Tillis is thumbing his nose at the Bill of Rights with an across the board assault on not just one, but several amendments: the 2nd (keep and bear arms), 4th  (illegal seizure of effects), 5th (due process), and 6th (more due process). 
There are so many things wrong with these laws that we can’t list them all, beginning with the fact that they don’t work, according to
Dr. John Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center, to the very real chance of these laws being used for revenge and blackmail – whether or not you own any guns.

 Watch pro-gun Candidate Thom Tillis Morph into Senator Thom Tillis
Why does Thom Tillis have two faces on the Second Amendment? Surely, you know the answer to that. The important thing now is that we spread the word about Tillis’s threatened betrayal and get to work stopping it.
Say NO to Ending American Due Process
It is critical that each of us contact the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Particularly North Carolina’s own, Senator Thom Tillis. Below, see how you can reach each member, starting with Senator Tillis, and let them know that you expect them to stand for due process, for gun rights, and against “red flag” laws.




  • Contact Senators Tillis, Burr and Graham (Yes, even a senator from SOUTH Carolina)
Use the link provided below, under 'Contact Info,' to visit his Senate contact form. Use the copy/paste message provided below, under 'Deliver this message'
Your U.S. Senators
  • PHONE AND EMAIL THE WHITE HOUSE: Let's light up the White House switchboards. The phone number is 202-456-1111. 
  • PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TO GRNC: Help us fight gun control while we promote Second Amendment principles. Please CLICK HERE to contribute. Bear in mind that GRNC is an all-volunteer organization, so you can be sure your donations are put to the best possible use. Any amount helps, and any amount is appreciated.




Suggested Subject: Stop Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws!



Dear Senator:

I am writing in response to your support of Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws or (Extreme Risk Protection Orders or so-called ‘Red Flag’ Laws). It's quite unnerving to hear a Senator from the Carolinas speak of his support for gun control, particularly something as egregious as red flag gun confiscation laws.
As you must know, these laws threaten Second, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendment protections—at least. With that in mind, it’s important that I inform you that your failure to address these critical questions in your statement will not have the desired effect. My understanding of red flag laws remains clear and talking around these severe problems will not change my view.
As a voter and a gun owner, I demand that you immediately cease this attempted obfuscation of the true nature of red flag laws. Instead, I expect you to live up to your oath of office, the Republican Party’s platform and the Second Amendment.
I’ll be monitoring your actions on this matter through alerts from Grass Roots North Carolina.



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