Was Burr acting as Mitch McConnell’s errand boy?

According to “The Hill,” after Tuesday’s GOP presidential debate, Intelligence Committee Chairman Senator Richard Burr (R-NC, GRNC ***) had demanded an investigation into whether presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX, GRNC ****) disclosed classified information on NSA collection of telephone metadata.

The debacle started during a heated exchange between moderate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Cruz over votes to shut down the NSA program when Rubio implied Cruz’s reply had included “classified data.” To read a transcript of the exchange (and an excellent analysis of the skullduggery behind the phony claim against Cruz), check “RedState.”

Why would ‘RINOs’ attack Cruz?

As anyone watching the GOP presidential race understands, so-called “mainstream” Republicans have been alarmed at how highly Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have polled among traditional Americans, to the detriment of “moderate” candidates like Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and John Kasich.

Never a favorite among moderates for his unabashedly conservative positions (including helping defeat all federal gun control after Sandy Hook), Cruz drew the ire of Senate Republican leadership in July when he took the Senate floor to describe being lied to by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell over the deal to renew the notorious Import-Export Bank.

Burr sides with Beltway establishment over conservatives

Ignoring, for a moment, that Cruz isn’t even on Burr’s intelligence committee, meaning he had no access to classified data, the “100%” figure he used is available from plenty of open sources such as a March, 2014 article in the Washington Post.

So now the real question is why Burr would make statements about a possible probe of Cruz that could only cast a shadow on him just as his poll numbers are climbing and he is considered by most observers to be a serious contender for the GOP nomination. If Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr didn’t know at the time that the information in question had been public since 2014, a 30-second Google search could have told him.

Either Senator Burr made an amateurish blunder in attacking a fellow senator who is a major GOP presidential candidate, or the intention all along was to smear Cruz. And Burr has been a politician too long to make such a blunder. In the ongoing struggle between the Beltway establishment and conservative reformers such as Cruz, it appears that Richard Burr has sided with the Beltway over the conservative base.

Why you should care?

Regardless of your presidential preference, understand that Sen. Cruz has been endorsed by Gun Owners of America and voluntarily submitted GRNC’s candidate survey – with a perfect 100% score, earning GRNC’s highest 4-star evaluation – before we even started the GRNC Presidential Survey Project.

While other GOP candidates talk about supporting the Second Amendment, Cruz has walked the walk, including:

  • Leading 31 states in filing an amicus brief for D.C. v. Heller, as Solicitor General for Texas, arguing the unconstitutionality of the District of Columbia’s blanket gun ban.
  • Sponsoring legislation to facilitate inter-state purchase and transportation of firearms.
  • Scoring a perfect 100% pro-gun voting record.
  • Scoring a perfect 100% on GRNC’s Remember in November candidate survey, earning GRNC’s highest 4-star
    evaluation (****).
Late yesterday, Senator Burr's office reversed its previous position by saying there would be no investigation of Sen. Cruz. The reversal appears to be the result of intense grassroots pressure to stop what could only be a politically motivated witch hunt by Beltway Republicans to derail the campaign of a true conservative. As such, we recommend you continue contacting Sen. Burr to express your displeasure.

    Contact Page: https://www.burr.senate.gov/contact/email Phone Number: (202) 224-3154.

  • HELP FUND GRNC’S “REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER” PROJECT: In election years, GRNC’s Remember in November project gives objective evaluations of candidates’ stances on gun-related issues. In 2014, GRNC distributed nearly 150,000 voter guides, including nearly 90,000 mailed directly to gun-owning voters. But the project is expensive. Please help make it happen by going to: http://www.grnc.org/join-grnc/contribute


Suggested Subject: "Why have you called for an investigation of Ted Cruz?"

Dear Senator Burr:

I once considered you a valued conservative. In recent years, however, I am not so sure. According to “The Hill,” you had demanded an investigation of presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz over comments citing supposedly classified information he made during the December 15 presidential debate.

Yet even a thirty second Google search reveals that the statistics used by Cruz during the debate were available from open sources as early as March, 2014. Was your initial demand for an unfounded investigation a blunder, Sen. Burr, or were you trying to cast shadows over the campaign of a serious conservative with a significant chance of winning the GOP nomination?

I look forward to hearing your answer, Sen. Burr, because as we both know, you too will face voters in 2016.





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