Gun Rights Supporters: 

It is with deep sorrow that I must belatedly report the passing of one of GRNC’s founders, Walt Dannel. Due to health problems, Walt retired from active leadership a number of years ago, but I still called him periodically for advice.

     Walt was the first guy I called back in 1994 in putting together the original Second Amendment rally from which GRNC was formed. Together with Hugh Adams, Walt and I created the gun rights organization that would come to dominate North Carolina for 27 years and counting.

     For something approaching 18 years, Walt and I would make the trek to Raleigh in order to scare the daylights out of politicians, killing dozens of gun control bills even during the dark days of the Clinton administration. Any time I had an idea (good or bad), Walt acted as my sounding board to determine whether we should do it.

     A retired Marine who served in “The President’s Own,” aka the U.S. Marine Corps Marching Band, Walt was a true patriot who always kept abreast of malfeasance by the BATF and other federal actors. I learned a great deal from him.

     The nation has lost a patriot, and I have lost a friend whom I will miss.

Armatissimi e liberissimi,



F. Paul Valone
President, Grass Roots North Carolina

Executive Director, Rights Watch International

Radio host, Guns, Politics and Freedom