• GRNC volunteers Melanie Lino-Gottwald and Bryan Yerke with Ted Nugent autographed guitar
  • Nikki Goeser with her book, "Denied a Chance"
  • New GRNC banners will be featured at future events
  • GRNC event program and sponsors
  • NC House candidate and founding board member Jay Adams with GRNC leadership and volunteers
  • Dr. John Lott signs books for GRNC members
  • Nikki Goeser signs books for GRNC members
  • Andrew Branca signs books for GRNC members
  • John Lott and Nikki Goeser
  • GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt with GRNC members
  • GRNC VIP reception
  • Appellate Court Judicial candidate Paul Holcombe with GRNC President Paul Valone
  • GRNC President Paul Valone with sons Paul and Chris.
  • GRNC VIP reception
  • Representatives for Irwin Carmichael for Mecklenburg County Sheriff
  • Nikki Goeser with GRNC Rapid Reaction Team Leader Sean Sorrentino
  • John Lott, Nikki Goeser, and Andrew Branca
  • Twenty year commemorative plaque made by GRNC former board member Richard Odom, together with GRNC “Twenty Years of Victory” limited edition shirt
  • GRNC commemorative plaque make by Richard Odom
  • Twenty Years of Victory cake
  • GRNC “Celebrating Twenty Years of Victory” dinner
  • GRNC “Celebrating Twenty Years of Victory” dinner
  • GRNC volunteers doing event check-in
  • GRNC Director of Development Josette Chmiel with opening remarks
  • CSPAN monitor covering event
  • Representative Larry Pittman gives invocation
  • NC House District 96 (Catawba) candidate Jay Adams addresses GRNC members
  • NC House Representative Larry Pittman addresses GRNC members
  • Judge Paul Holcombe, candidate for NC Court of Appeals addresses GRNC members
  • GRNC President Paul Valone presents “The Virtue of Self-Defense”
  • CSPAN monitor covering event
  • Former Senator Hugh Webster is recognized
  • Nikki Goeser addresses GRNC describes how a stalker killed her husband Ben
  • Self-defense legal expert Andrew Branca discusses “Stand Your Ground” laws
  • Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt addresses GRNC members
  • Crime Prevention Research Center President John Lott describes phony research in “Making Up Facts About Guns”
  • John Lott addresses falsehoods from the Obama administration
  • John Lott addresses Michael Bloomberg falsehoods on guns
  • John Lott, Nikki Goeser and Josette Chmiel
  • John Lott with Josette Chmiel
  • John Lott presents Ted Nugent autographed guitar to GRNC member Kim Oliver

GRNC Annual Dinner - June 2014

GRNC's 20th Anniversary Dinner

Special Guests

Dr. John Lott

Larry Pratt

Andrew Branca

Nikki Goeser