Bloomberg Spending Millions

in NC to Defeat Freedom


Moms Demand Action  an anti-gun  front group sponsored by Billionaire Michael Bloomberg  has vowed to spend millions in North Carolina to take away our Second Amendment rights as they did by spending until Virginia turned blue!  North Carolina is now the target in November, and House seats held by Keith Kidwell(R) district 79 & John Szoka district 45 are in the cross hairs!

NC House Representative Keith Kidman,  although a new member has proven himself one of the most reliable, hard-fighting allies that gun owners have in the General Assembly. He has sponsored and supported bills which if passed would have given citizens Constitutional Carry, among other improvements to our safety, he has never wavered. John Szoka a retired Army Lt. Colonel has served in the legislature for 7 years and has never wavered in his support of our 2nd Amendment rights. Thanks to RINOs in our Legislature  important bills such as Constitutional Carry languish. Keith and John are not RINOs they  fight for our rights!


  Keith & John have fought for North Carolina gun owners, and now they need your help.

Keith Kidman's  and John Szoka's Campaigns Need Your Help






VOLUNTEER FOR Keith Kidman's CAMPAIGN: 919 733-5881


VOLUNTEER FOR John Szoka's Campain:


Their  campaigns needs your help with one or more of the following: 


Stuffing envelopes

Calling voters

Walking neighborhoods

Serving as a precinct captain

Serving as an intern

Displaying yard signs

Placing road signs



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