Kernersville stabs you in back:

Respond regardless of where you live

As we have been warning you, many liberal city councils and county commissions have set about thwarting the will of the people and defying the new law allowing you the right to self protection in parks. Well the town of Kernersville has managed to slip a major back stabbing past their people.


Effective Dec. 1st, thanks to GRNC's efforts in House Bill 650, local governments will no longer be able to post against firearms in parks. Due to a weakening amendment to the bill, however, they will still be able to ban guns in specifically named and narrowly defined "recreational facilities."


Yet on Nov. 1st the Kernersville Board of Aldermen passed an ordinance declaring one whole park (Beeson) as a "recreation area" which would be exempt from honoring your concealed carry permit. Along with actual recreational facilities as defined in HB 650, they also declared walking trails and other areas as "gun free" zones. Of course this will likely be reversed after (expensive) litigation, but their arrogance cannot be allowed to go unpunished.


So we are asking you to do two things:


  • If you live in Kernersville, vote against anybody who supported this ordinance (if in doubt, call them and find out);

  • Wherever you live in the state, call and email the listed politicians below tomorrow and deliver the message listed.


  • Kernersville residents! Throw the bums out! Anybody who supported this illegal ordinance, if in doubt, then call and email asking them. Then CALL those who opposed your rights and tell them why you are voting against them.


  • Everyone: CALL the politicians listed below and tell them that their sneaky tactics have not gone unnoticed. Tell them that any attempts at enforcing this illegal ordinance will lead to litigation.

Contact These Politicians

If at all possible: CALL AS CLOSE TO 9:00 a.m. as you can. If not then any time is better than not at all.


Mayor: Dawn H. Morgan:;

336-993-9147 (Residence)

336-407-3082 (Cell)

336-993-2925 (Fax)


Mayor Pro Tempore: Kevin Bugg:;

336-992-2937 (Residence)

336-406-2681 (Cell)


Alderman: Dana Caudill Jones:;

336-993-5070 (Residence)

336-362-5123 (Cell)

336-993-7841 (Fax)


Alderman: Keith Mason:;

336-293-3962 (Cell)


Alderman: Bob Prescott:;

336-408-3574 (Cell)


Alderman: Tracey Shifflette:;

336-996-4049 (Residence)


Legal Info

This election alert was authorized and paid for solely by the Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund.