GRNC Protests ‘Traitor Thom’ Tillis: After Action Report

If you missed GRNC’s protest of Sen. Thom Tillis and his sellout on federal gun control, you missed a great event. Despite the event being held on a work day (in order to allow people a redress of grievances with Tillis’ staff), we drew more than 100 highly motivated protestors, all bearing signs to inform passing drivers that “Traitor Thom and the Surrender Caucus” of 15 Senate Republicans had sold them out. Many passing cars honked their support.

Perhaps most amusing was the fact that when faced with providing a redress of grievances to his constituents, as guaranteed by the First Amendment, he instead closed the office, demonstrating that he is not only a traitor to the gun voters who helped him narrowly win re-election, but also a coward.

The coordinated message to Tillis and the media was that because gun owners gained nothing, what Tillis and the Surrender Caucus negotiated was not “compromise,” but rather capitulation.

To see photos of the event, CLICK HERE.

Sutherland Springs Hero Addresses Crowd

Most inspiring was the speech by Stephen Willeford, who addressed the crowd to describe how he was able to stop the First Baptist Church massacre by shooting the perpetrator with an AR-15. As the quintessential “good guy with a gun,” Willeford, a humble man of deep faith, illustrated why only armed intervention and deterrence – not restricting the rights of law-abiding gun owners – can stop sociopaths from committing massacres.

To watch videos of remarks by GRNC president Paul Valone and Stephen Willeford, CLICK HERE.

What the Tillis Demonstration Accomplished

You might be asking, “What good did the demonstration do? The federal gun control bill passed anyway.” The answer is that we delivered a clear message that when it comes to gun control – or any other infringement of our civil liberties – WE. WILL. NOT. COMPROMISE.

In fact, the demonstration and the branding of Tillis as “Traitor Thom” by both GRNC and GOA undoubtedly left such a sour taste in the senator’s mouth that when the Democrats come looking for more (which they will, very soon indeed), he will think twice about “compromising” away your rights again.

Thanks to you all


GRNC profoundly thanks all who came to the demonstration and all who support our all-volunteer organization. In order to prevail in the November elections, I ask you to please consider donating to GRNC’s federally registered political action committee, the GRNC Political Victory Fund.