GRNC-PVF ‘Let’s Go Brandon!’ Politically Incorrect AR-15 Raffle 




On Friday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi engineered House passage of HR 1808, a draconian ban on semi-automatic firearms and magazines. Although the Senate might be able to stop the bill, this debacle underscores the importance of winning control of the US House in November. 

PLEASE HELP the GRNC Political Victory Fund do so by buying tickets to the “Let’s Go Brandon" Politically Incorrect AR-15 Raffle.




It’s the next best thing to laying your hands on a non-existent “AK-15 Automatic weapon” according to Indianapolis Colts general manager Chris Ballard, a poltergeist projector of deadly proportions.  That’s the muzzleloader that can disperse 30 bullets within half a second with a 30-caliber clip.  But we thought you’d like a chance at winning something that’s real while expressing your disdain for our dear leader.

Thanks to Carolina Sporting Arms in Charlotte, the GRNC Political Victory Fund is raising money to kick tail in the 2022 elections by raffling off a choice Springfield “Victor” (B5) M-LOK AR-15, complete with Hex Dragonfly optic.

Specs for the rifle include mid-length gas direct impingement, 16" chrome moly vanadium Melonite-coated 1:8"-twist barrel, and B5 Systems furniture, including slim composite M-LOK handguard and Enhanced SOPMOD Stock.


MSRP on the rifle and optic together is $1399, BUT IT GETS BETTER! In addition to the state-of-the-art rifle, the winner gets TWO Magpul PMAG 30-round magazines emblazoned with the now-famous “Let’s Go Brandon” slam on Joe Biden PLUS 200 rounds of ammunition!


For the price of a raffle ticket, you can proudly display your feelings toward the Biden gun ban agenda! “Let’s Go Brandon” spotlights not only the total incompetence of the man and everyone around him, but an enabling media that works day and night to cover his gaffs, missteps and ever-shrinking mental capacity.


Best of all, you not only get a chance to raise a “salute” to gun control leftists everywhere, you will also help GRNC’s federally-registered politically action committee ELECT CANDIDATES who respect the Second Amendment! As you may recall, GRNC is restricted by law from using membership funds to impact elections, requiring us to raise additional funds to “throw da’ bums out.”


So tick off anti-liberty leftists while helping elect candidates who support your rights by buying LOTS of GRNC-PVF raffle tickets!

GRNC-PVF will fight the anti-liberty left

Like David against Goliath, GRNC’s political action committee, the GRNC Political Victory Fund, will fight the authoritarians. But we need your help: GRNC is restricted from using membership money to impact elections. That is why we created our federal PAC, GRNC-PVF.

Rather than throwing money at politicians, GRNC-PVF does “independent expenditures”:

  • Tens of thousands of mailings;
  • Thousands of dollars in radio advertising;
  • Tens of thousands of automated phone alerts;
  • Thousands of dollars in social media advertising; and
  • Millions of election alert emails.

All of this is intended to elect candidates to all offices around the state who will support your right to keep and bear arms. 

GRNC-PVF ‘politically incorrect’ raffle

In election years, GRNC-PVF holds “politically incorrect raffles” in which we raffle off firearms, typically AR-15 variants, to raise money for our election effort. 

Buy lots of tickets, please. Not only can you win a choice AR-15, you will help elect pro-freedom candidates and, best of all, stick a thumb in the eye of the authoritarians! Please forward this message to friends and family!


Drawing will be held on November 8, 2022

Why GRNC-PVF is critically important

GRNC is restricted by law from using organizational funds to oust anti-freedom politicians. Instead, direct election action is accomplished by our federal political action committee, the GRNC Political Victory Fund, which makes candidate recommendations and conducts “independent expenditures” for or against candidates via radio spots, mailings and automated phone calls.

Buying raffle tickets means that in addition to getting a chance at an attractively configured Springfield “Victor” (B5) M-LOK AR-15, complete with Hex Dragonfly optic, you will help GRNC-PVF keep anti-liberty leftists from occupying offices critical to civil rights.

Moreover, tickets are cheap: $10 ea, 3/$25, 7/$50 or 15/$100.

Please also consider becoming a Sustaining Donor to continually support our efforts by visiting the GRNC Political Victory Fund donation page and selecting Make this donation monthly when donating. Your recurring monthly donations will help ensure that GRNC’s Political Victory Fund continues to have the money necessary to fight for your rights.


Conditions and disclaimers:

This will be an e-raffle like we have done in the past. Your ticket number(s) will be sent to you by email, typically within 48 hours.

Drawing will be held on  November 8, 2022. Winning tickets will be selected by use of a random number generator. The winners will be notified by email or phone (if provided). Winners will have ten days to respond or forfeit prize. Out of state residents need to check local laws and regulations. A NC FFL cannot ship to any place a firearm is not legal.

This raffle will be conducted pursuant to North Carolina law, as determined by a licensed attorney at the time of the raffle based on available guidance (whether advisory letter or Advisory Opinion) from the Office of the Attorney General of North Carolina. Furthermore, only the legality of possession and transfer of the firearm are considered. GRNC makes no representation of the legality of any act(s) by the winner, and takes no responsibility for such acts. As with any GRNC raffle of any firearm, the transfer shall be in accordance with NC and federal law, and occur via a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL), who shall independently verify the winner's eligibility to receive the firearm. If a winner is legally prohibited from taking possession of the firearm, his or her prize is forfeit and an alternate winner shall be drawn. All costs of the transfer (taxes, transfer fees, shipping, etc.) are the responsibility of the winner.

Officers, Board of Directors of Grass Roots North Carolina, the GRNC Political Victory Fund and Rights Watch International (and their immediate family members) are not eligible to win.


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