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In addition to the "Remember in November" voter education project by which GRNC will distribute up to 150,000 voter guides covering all candidates for state and federal office, the GRNC Political Victory Fund is the vehicle we use to elect pro-gun legislators and punish anti-gunners.

Like the NRA, GRNC-PVF sends postcard election alerts into selected races. Unlike the NRA, we activate tens of thousands of gun voters beyond our immediate membership, often sending 2-3 times as many postcard election alerts into a district as the NRA.




For districts with less than about 3,000 records, it is cheaper and faster to have volunteers do mailings rather than our mailing house. Consequently, in election years we ask volunteers to commit to doing postcard mailings from their homes - an excellent opportunity to get involved even if you are not able to leave the home regularly.




We assign you a district, then send you Word templates for postcards and mailing labels. You go to the nearest Staples and have the postcards printed and cut, at the same time purchasing standard mailing labels. Then you get rolls of postcard ($.32) stamps, invite a few friends over, and have a little party in which you affix stamps and mailing labels. Finally, you drop them in the mail and submit receipts to GRNC-PVF for reimbursement. Because one-stop voting starts on April 19, our target mailing date range is between April 13 and April 17.




The GRNC Political Victory Fund will reimburse all expenses within two weeks of receiving receipts (which we absolutely must have to keep the board of elections happy). If you choose to, you may donate all or part of the expense of the mailing - which we will gratefully accept because it lets us mail additional districts - but you are not obligated to do so.




Please send an email to: and we will contact you ASAP. To help us match you with a nearby district, please include your mailing address and phone number in the email.




North Carolina is a pivotal battleground state in the 2012 elections. Please help GRNC prevail in our continuing effort to expand and defend your gun rights.

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This election alert was authorized and paid for solely by the Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund.