Stick it to Stam by helping elect

Glen Bradley to NC Senate


Bradley's NC Senate District 18 campaign will be distributing literature and canvassing in several areas this Friday through Election day Tuesday, May 4 - 8.


Lend a hand to help elect a pro-Second Amendment Constitutional Conservative!


The following activities at the following locations and times are planned:


  • Wendell, Friday, 10AM-5PM, Literature Distribution
  • Fuquay, Wendell, and Youngsville, Saturday, 11AM-7PM, Canvass
  • Knightdale, Bunn, Louisburg, Sunday, 1PM-7PM Canvass and Literature Distribution
  • Garner, Zebulon, Monday, 10AM-5PM, Literature Distribution
  • Monday, 7PM-Midnight, Sign Distribution at all polling places
  • Tuesday, Work the polls during voting

The Bradley Campaign also needs volunteers to stand at Early Voting locations now until Saturday to ask people to vote Bradley.


Please contact to volunteer!


Make sure to GET OUT AND VOTE!


Early voting locations are now open. If you don't plan to vote early, MAKE SURE to get to the polls Tuesday, May 8! It is your civic duty!


Don't forget to fill-out your sample ballot using GRNC Candidate Evaluations!


Candidate sorts by either last name or by district are available at:


To find your district and sample ballot...


Please note that district information on the North Carolina General Assembly website has not been updated to reflect redistricting. Accordingly, use this link for the State Board of Elections and then follow the link for "Sample Ballot." If you still can't find what district you live in, print and use the candidate evaluations from the GRNC web site which are sorted by last name.


Legal Info

This election alert was authorized and paid for solely by the Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund.