Morrisville Mayor Continues Her Assault

Morrisville City Council meets Tuesday (10/22) to decide your fate as gun owners…

Morrisville Mayor Jackie Holcombe is once again attempting to unlawfully abridge your rights with another town council meeting to circumvent state law. According to The Cary News, Holcombe is again calling for more restrictions for law-abiding Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) holders, despite recent advances in law which took effect on October 1st. Residents of Morrisville will have their chance to counter this latest barrage of attacks against their rights at a scheduled Morrisville Town Council meeting on October 22nd.

Holcombe's attack on your rights is just the latest example of her long history of antipathy toward the Second Amendment. In 2012, she became a useful political appendage for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his disturbing Mayors Against Illegal Guns group (MAIG), first by trying to work around the expansion of gun rights brought by HB650 when signed into law, and then by attempting to strong-arm private businesses such as Gander Mountain into “doing their part” by “discontinuing sales of semi-automatic rifles and high capacity ammunition magazines." within their Morrisville location.

Mayor Holcombe simply doesn’t want you, or your guns, anywhere around Morrisville no matter what the law allows for and she has proven that she will use her political influence to accomplish her goals. Worse, she is more than willing and able to do Bloomberg’s bidding right here in our own communities.

In a time when more and more mayors around the country are suddenly fleeing MAIG’s sinking ship after realizing that it’s not “illegal guns” that Bloomberg is after, it is ALL guns he wants made illegal to own, Mayor Holcombe chooses to cling tighter to the battle flag and continues to do his bidding in our own backyard.

The time is right for real change

The good news is that the chance to send Mayor Holcombe and her MAIG-tainted brand of anti-gun activism packing once and for all is right around the corner. The Morrisville Town Elections will be held on November 5th, with early voting beginning on October 17th. If you are a resident of Morrisville and want Mayor Bloomberg’s influence out of your local political domain, here’s your chance!

If she has a strong showing in this election, the general consensus is that she will then make a run for the North Carolina General Assembly during the next election cycle. If you think dealing with outrageous and idiotic restrictions against your legal right to carry is hard enough to deal with in Morrisville, imagine having to deal with it on a state-wide basis! This is exactly what we would face if Mayor Holcombe would be elected to the NCGA, and Bloomberg would have an open door into our state legislative body through her seat. Think about that as you attend these town council meetings and cast your votes in upcoming elections.


  • Email and Call: Individual Members of the Morrisville Town Council

  • Attend The Public Hearing on Oct 22nd: Let the town council know that you will not accept further restrictions.

  • Support GRNC-PVF!: We need your help in removing Holcombe from office! Go to:


Morrisville Mayor Jackie Holcombe:
Telephone 919-677-9153,

Mayor Pro Tem Liz Johnson
Telephone: 919-462-8859

Council Member Michael Schlink
Telephone: 919-244-2041

Council Member Steve Diehl
Telephone: 919-678-8544

Council Member Margaret Broadwell
Telephone: 919-467-1623

Council Member Steve Rao
Telephone: 919-434-5996

Council Member Mark Stohlman
(Note: Stohlman is running against Holcombe in the Nov. 5 mayoral race and indicates he supports us on this issue)
Telephone: 919-949-1403


Suggested Subject: "Stop Mayor Holcombe's Assault On The Second Amendment"

To Morrisville Town Council Members:

Dear Council Member,

As a North Carolina gun owner and Concealed handgun Permit holder, I am deeply outraged that the Town of Morrisville is once again considering actions to restrict my ability to defend myself and the lives of my family within town parks and recreational areas. This inane waste of time and resources again being led by Morrisville Mayor Jackie Holcombe is an insult to our community and presents a foretelling of possible future political gamesmanship that we can expect from her and her wealthy anti-second amendment puppet master, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

As you well know, the only people that will be affected by such actions would be law-abiding gun owners, and not the presumptive criminals who you intend to restrict. Criminals, by definition, do not follow laws and will be in no way affected by any proposed restrictions. Law-abiding citizens, however, will be greatly affected if you were to further restrict their ability to protect themselves.

I ask that you reconsider restricting my right to carry as protected under state law which went into effect on October 1st , as is the plan of your anti-Second Amendment Mayor. The laws were passed to insure that law-abiding citizens had the ability to protect themselves if ever the case should arise. We don’t need the influence of Bloomberg infiltrating our community via the office of the Morrisville Mayor and being allowed free reign to spread his campaign against legal gun ownership within our state.

I ask that you carefully consider this matter and I will be watching your actions carefully through updates from Grass Roots North Carolina.


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