GRNC-PVF Election Alert:

Keep Gun Control Activist Off Court of Appeals Bench

As the most effective gun rights organization in the state, Grass Roots North Carolina has defended the right to keep and bear arms for 20 years. For the November 4 General Election, the Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund wants to warn you about a very dangerous candidate for the NC Court of Appeals: Lucy Noble Inman.

Among the positions she has held which she proudly lists on her survey with the NC Free Enterprise Foundation, [] we find this: “North Carolinians Against Gun Violence. I served on the board of this organization in 2001 and 2002.”

In case you aren’t familiar with North Carolinians Against Gun Violence, among its many anti-Second Amendment actions, the organization has:

  • Fought against passing our concealed handgun law in 1995;

  • Fought each and every improvement of our concealed carry law since;

  • Nearly passed a mandatory gun storage law so draconian it would have criminalized gun owners whose guns were stolen from them, even if they had locked them in a safe; and

  • Pushed legislation to shut down gun shows, ban common semi-automatic firearms and standard capacity magazines, and enshrine anyone arbitrarily denied a pistol purchase permit in a permanent State Bureau of Investigation database.

Worse, a recent poll shows Inman one percentage point ahead of conservative District Court Judge Bill Southern in the race for the Hunter seat on the NC Court of Appeals.

Act now to keep a gun control activist from potentially deciding important cases on topics related to your right to keep and bear arms …

On November 4th:


To prevent activist judges from legislating from the bench, GRNC-PVF recommendsyou vote MARK MARTIN, BOB HUNTER & ERIC LEVINSON for NC Supreme Court, and MIKE ROBINSON, MARION WARREN, BILL SOUTHERN, DONNA STROUD & PAUL HOLCOMBE for NC Court of Appeals. GRNCPVF also recommends you vote THOM TILLIS for US Senate.

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This alert supporting Bill Southern for NC Court of Appeals, the above listed judges for NC Supreme Court and NC Court of Appeals, and THOM TILLIS for US Senate was authorized and paid for solely by the Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund. Add not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.