Using a huge database of gun-owning voters, the GRNC Political Victory Fund elects pro-gun candidates and defeats anti-gun candidates by sending postcard election alerts into selected races. For that, we need you. The system is simple. The only things required are minimal computer skills and a couple of hours. GRNC-PVF reimburses all expenses.

How it works:

  • We e-mail you Word templates for postcards and labels;
  • You get Avery standard labels, and take postcards to office supply store for printing, saving all receipts;
  • You apply labels and postage to postcards, and mail, and finally;
  • GRNC-PVF reimburses your expenses.


How to contact us: 

rend an email to and use the subject "GRNC-PVF ALERTS". Please make sure to include your name, full mailing address and both daytime and evening phone numbers. We will then call you to arrange details. 


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