Paul, thanks so much for your latest alert.  It's disheartening, disgusting, and maddening to watch the prez , the left, and all the traitorous media harp on gun rights even before we know any facts about what turns out to be a terror attack.  Your piece was different- a great rally cry and an honest look at where we really are.  From the blogs I read and the folks I talk to at gun shows or just out and about, I think the mood is more one of righteous anger, defiance and non-compliance.  We're to the point of raising our middle fingers with a "hey bureaucrats try and ban all you want- let's see you come and take 'em."  I'm of the same mind.  I love the way GRNC rallies the troops to fight.  We beat back the grabbers after Sandy Hook, which was the worst threat we faced in years, and we will have to do it again.  We can't get fatigued.  Thanks for all you do for freedom- I will be supporting GRNC through it all!

Here's a great blog post that sums it up from a really smart guy I have
 followed for years:

Thank you!  GRNC is the best gun rights organization in the nation. I sell it to every one of my customers. Others also. Thanks for all that y'all do.



A good time to say "thank you" to GRNC

To all who may be new to this forum, gun owners in North Carolina owe a considerable debt to Grass Roots North Carolina for their advocacy of gun rights. I have not seen a more dedicated and effective group of volunteers. I have only been on here about a year and a half, but I have truly been impressed with their accomplishments.

But they need money to continue being effective. I have made contributing to GRNC and their lobbying affiliate GRNC-PVF my way of ringing in the new year. Please consider joining me.


Paul and GRNC Compatriots, Paul you sent out a letter of thanks for our votes. That's the least any of us can do and it's our duty. And congratulations! Wave! Rout! But Paul and GRNC deserve all the thanks! From the original victory of conceal carry in 1995 to day to day battles and grunt work to fund raising to organization power and clout growth to reminding and exhorting members to vote, to excellent voting guides to political information, updates and developing strategy, GRNC is a top ranked organization. Great job! I just sent money. It's needed and glad to help as I can.



Thank you for all the work that you and your organization do, absolutely needed for a free, prosperous and fair society.


GRNC is the most aggressive and consistent protector of our Second Amendment rights of all. That's why I'm a Life member.




In my somewhat extensive travels, GRNC just might be the best honest-to-God fight-the-good-fight grass roots outfit I've ever seen. They're sharp and they keep it fresh too. Outstanding job Gentlemen...


GRNC rocks and has to be one of the most premier, appropriately vigilant and pro-active gun rights advocacy organizations, not only in America but I would venture to say - this solar system. Great work!

- P.Bb


  I read the 12/29/13 article in the Citizen-Times ( and totally agree on all points. I've been meaning to join for some time and reading this article "goaded" me into joining with a Lifetime membership. Thank you and all the Board/Staff for what you do on behalf of ALL gun owners in North Carolina.

Just a short note thanking you for the opportunity to attend the Grass Roots North Carolina Freedom Awards Dinner last night. My wife and I were thrilled to be among such positive, engaging individuals. The speakers slated for the evening were absolutely top-notch and engaging, the fellowship was outstanding; an overall wonderful evening - with PURPOSE! Please extend our gratitude for a job well-done to the entire GRNC staff, and we both look forward to being utilized in the organization where needed, as needed (we just require a little training to knock off the rough edges!).

Again, sir, THANK YOU!

Very Respectfully,

R & J B.

  Thanks for your hard work, you guys rock.

- A.J.

I have tried to donate when and where I can. I wish I could afford a lot more as you guys do some good work in helping to preserve our freedoms. Thanks for all that GRNC does.

- B.H.

I have had an application to GRNC sitting on my desk for a few months now, I kept looking at it and saying "I have to get to that later" and of course it never happened. Then WRAL printed the database and I was outraged.

I applaude your efforts on behalf of legal gun owners to deal with WRAL. I have sent my emails as requested, and now I have put my money where my mouth is and joined online today, no more excuses.

I sit hear watching the news about the tragedy in Colorado and two things come to mind: First, a legally armed citizen in that theater last night could, and would have saved lives. Second, unfortunatley guns,legal gun owners and concealed carry permit holders will get the blame for this heinous act by this individual in the liberal media.

Thank you again for all you do, and I am proud to be a member of Grass Roots North Carolina.

Regards, - J.C.

Dear GRNC,


I want to whole heartedly thank you for all of your work and especially your successes.


I joined GRNC and sent a $25 donation for several reasons:


1. You guys finally got Castle Doctrine passed, and it happened while I was deployed. I immediately felt better knowing that my wife (also a concealed carry permit holder) was in a much better position to defend herself.


2. GRNC gets it done, all over the state, any time our 2nd Amendment rights, which is really our right to defend ourselves, is threatened.


3. Exposing Bank of Unamerica. As a side note, I called BofUnamerica tonight and cancelled my credit card of the last eight years with them for two reasons: 1) A year or two ago when a soldier was killed overseas, and they lined the street with flags for his procession to pass by in Charlotte, the branch manager of a Bank of America came out and pulled up all the flags from in front of her branch. 2) The GRNC email exposing their closing of business accounts involved in the firearm industry.

I told both BofU phone reps both reasons why I was closing my account and happily gave Grass Roots Roots NC the credit.


Keep up the good work and thanks again for a job well done.


Keep up the good work! - D.H.

Y'all have a great organization, keep up the great work. - D.O.


Congrats on Bateman, et al v. Perdue!! - M.H.

I was happy to make a donation and also purchase the raffle tickets. I only regret that I can not do more, however I did send that e-mail to my friends and also the e-mail concerning restaurant shootings. - R.T.


Thanks to GRNC for all you do!!!!! - B.B.

Thank you and the Board for all you are doing to protect gun owners across this nation. - G.S.


Keep up the fight to protect our 2nd Amendment. - D.V.

It's a pleasure and a privilege to be able to do a little something in support of the GRNC-PVF. Keep up the good work! - R.F.