Gun Rights Supporters:

When I returned from the Trump rally in Washington, I admit to being dispirited. For starters, it is now abundantly clear that truth in media is no longer available.

     For example, much of what you are being told about the Trump rally are lies: Lies intended to demoralize us; Lies intended to divide us; and lies intended to defeat us.

Question the narrative

     Far from “inciting insurrection,” for which Nancy Pelosi and the left plan to impeach Donald Trump yet again, the Trump speech I saw called for protestors to be “peaceful” and “patriotic.” (If you don’t believe me, I’ve posted the transcript of the speech on GRNC’s Facebook least until they censor it.)

And while the national narrative – including from Fox News – is claiming Antifa and leftists had no hand in storming the U.S. Capitol, One America News is showing video of known BLM and Antifa activists doing precisely that.

Feeling demoralized?

     Now you are likely demoralized. Maybe you just want to give up. After all, the Democrats took complete control over the U.S. government, making a gun control fight inevitable.

     Even Republicans like Bill Barr and Rep. Dan Crenshaw are saying you were misled, even lied to. And as Fox News pushes the narrative that Trump is alone and abandoned, and that Joe Biden won the presidency, even Fox has turned on us.

That’s exactly what leftists want...

     Instead of standing up for what you believe in, you’re being told that we need to seek “reconciliation.” That we should “lower the political temperature”, to try to “get along,” to “unify” in the name of peace, to begin “healing.”(Hell, maybe they’ll create a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” to re-educate us.)

     The problem with all of this is that most of the ones telling you to “unify” are the ones who...

  • Fomented and rationalized riots in places like Portland and Seattle and Chicago and New York;
  • Like Kamala Harris, PRAISED Black Lives Matter riots and encouraged them to continue;
  • Refused to prosecute rioters who burned police cars and stores, threw Molotov cocktails, looted, and even murdered;
  • Are calling for removal of a sitting president by either invoking the 25th Amendment or by impeachment; 
  • Like ABC News Director Rick Klein, called for “cleansing” of Trump’s 74 million supporters, or PBS principal counsel Michael Beller, who was caught on video plotting Molotov cocktails for the White House and having DHS take people’s children for “re-education”
  • Like Missouri Rep. Cori Bush, just introduced a resolution to remove from Congress any legislator who had the audacity to challenge the election results.

     These are the people who are calling YOU violent and censuring YOU for questioning the election results. These are the violent socialists who have the audacity to call YOU a “domestic terrorist.”

     You just can’t make this stuff up. This level of disingenuity exceeds even anything George Orwell envisioned in his book, 1984.

     Make no mistake, what you are experiencing is not “reconciliation,” it is nothing but a naked power grab.

What leftist calls for ‘unity’ really mean...

     Beyond her peevish sham to impeach Donald Trump (again), Nancy Pelosi claims you have “chosen whiteness over Democracy.” Does that sound like a “call for unity” to you?

     When you hear that you should be calm, that you should lower the political temperature, what that really means is “sit down and shut up.”

     When your perspective is silenced in the “mainstream” media and social media – as GRNC has been when its Facebook account was restricted from conducting political advertising in the Georgia runoffs, what that means is, “We will control the flow of information and, by association, what people are allowed to say and think.”

     And when you are doxed, intimidated, threatened with “cleansing,” or called a “domestic terrorist” what that really means is “We rule you. Either comply or we will destroy you.”

Being ‘reasonable’

     I grant that some on our own side are telling you to “tone down the rhetoric” on “both sides.” But at this point, I fear that may no longer be possible because the reality is that WE AREN’T THE AGGRESSORS.

  • WE didn’t invent speech codes, branding anything leftists don’t like as “hate speech”; 
  • WE didn’t create a “cancel culture” in which even a teenager who says the wrong thing can end up marked for life;
  • WE didn’t start tearing down statues of Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt;
  • WE didn’t start rioting, looting and burning, effectively normalizing violent protest;
  • WE didn’t actively censor information received by American voters; and
  • WE didn’t engage in thinly veiled election fraud to deny people a voice in their own government.

Redoubling our efforts

     In 28 years of directing political organizations, I have learned that when your opponents respond – by whining, screaming or working to defeat you, that means what you are doing is working.

     When others tell you, “You’re hurting your own cause,” that generally means it is time to double down. So what I encourage you to do is to defy the “conventional wisdom” by...

  • Shaking off our recent defeats
  • Putting your head down
  • And rededicating yourself to preserving American liberty.

Your job is:

  • NOT to be “polite”;
  • NOT to be conciliatory; and 
  • NOT to sit down, shut up, and allow yourself to be either ideologically or literally “cleansed.”

Oh, and please stop calling our opponents “liberals” or “progressives.” I can assure you they are neither. I have long since taken to calling them simply “leftists.”

How GRNC will oppose the Biden Gun Ban...

To meet the coming threat, GRNC is announcing a  “Save the Republic” issue campaign. We will:

  • Create a new national organization to apply pressure to legislators across the country to vote against gun control.
  • Rename our super PAC (or “independent expenditure PAC,” if you prefer) from the Judicial Fairness Project to “RightsWatch Action PAC”.
  • Revamp our social media, including aggressively getting it into alerts for our people to start looking for us on MeWe, Gab Social and Rumble, since we will no longer tolerate the censorship being applied by Facebook and Twitter. To transition, we will be using the new platforms in parallel with their current leftist counterparts.
  • Send parallel alerts both from GRNC and RightsWatch, so please look for those alerts.
  • Expand our gun show effort around the state.
  • Attack U.S. House and Senate Democrats who won by thin margins (say less than 3 percent) around the country, as well as the usual quisling RINO’s to deny Pelosi and Schumer majorities on the gun bans they will be looking for. 
  • Make it personal: Our principle tactic, beyond our usual email and phone campaigns, will be to place demonstrations and concentrate fire at selected district offices.
  • Revive the Stop the Ban Coalition of state and national organizations we created to stop Obama’s 2013 universal background check effort.

But to do this, we will need your help! I realize you have been generous in supporting GRNC, but an exceptional effort requires funding. Please go to

To be frank, I can’t guarantee success. We will be fighting to keep the gains we have made in the past 25 years. But I can guarantee that as an all-volunteer organization, GRNC will put your money to more efficient, effective use in defending your rights than any other group.


Armatissimi e liberissimi,


F. Paul Valone
President, Grass Roots North Carolina

Executive Director, Rights Watch International

Radio host, Guns, Politics and Freedom


P.S. Yes, I know you’re tired of elections, of politics, and of the left’s national power grab. But I am asking you to contribute and to respond to GRNC and RightsWatch alerts because, frankly, this might be our last chance. So if you can contribute $100, $50 or even $25, it would be of immense help.