Gun Rights Supporters:

Thanks to your support, Grass Roots North Carolina won great victories in Tuesday’s primary elections. Our federally registered political action committee, the GRNC Political Victory Fund:


Ø  Mailed nearly 50,000 postcard election alerts form General Assembly candidates, judicial candidates, and Ted Budd for U.S. Senate;

Ø  Sent millions of emails for pro-gun candidates in all races;

Ø  Made thousands of telephone election alerts in selected races;

Ø  Did Facebook advertising that resulted in nearly 100,000 impressions delivered; and

Ø  Did thousands of dollars in radio ads for former Senator Buck Newton.

Gun rights victories

The net result was victory across the state. Of 50 races in which GRNC-PVF made candidate recommendations, we won 32 races. Better still were the races we won:

Ø  GRNC-PVF-recommended Rep. TED BUDD demolished RINO Pat McCrory and the rest of a crowded field in the race for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate and will now face leftist Democrat Cheri Beasley in November.

Ø  GRNC-PVF-recommended CHUCK EDWARDS beat incumbent Madison Cawthorn in the 11th Congressional District Republican primary. In the Republican-leaning district

Ø  GRNC-PVF-recommended TREY ALLEN beat Judge April Wood in the Republican primary for NC Supreme Court and will face leftist Democrat Sam Ervin IV in November. Together with conservative Judge Richard Dietz, who running for another open seat on the Supreme Court, we have an excellent chance to retake the NC Supreme Court from the left. 

Ø  GRNC-PVF-recommended Judge MICHAEL STADING beat Charlton Allen in the Republican primary for a seat on the NC Court of Appeals.

Ø  GRNC-PVF-recommended BUCK NEWTON beat Joe Democko in the Republican primary for NC Senate District 4 and will face incumbent leftist Sen. Toby Fitch, Jr. in November. In previous service in the NC Senate, Newton was a gun rights leader who engineered passage of Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground, and numerous expansions of concealed carry. His return will enable GRNC to break the stalemate that has characterized recent sessions of the legislature. 

Ø  Numerous GRNC-PVF-recommended NC House and Senate candidates won other races around the state.

Thanks from Ted Budd

Incidentally, in response to a congratulations text I sent him, Rep. Budd thanked all of us for our “HUGE support in this race.”

The real test…

            But the real test is yet to come. With what I feel is too much confidence, pundits are predicting a “red wave” in November.

But I’m not banking on it. In fact, after leftists leaked the draft Roe V. Wade reversal, violent radicals have been threatening Supreme Court justices and are now considerably more motivated to go to the polls in November.

            That means we have to be ready. GRNC-PVF invested considerable resources in the primaries to ensure that true pro-gun conservatives represent us in November.

            But now we have to rearm and reload for November. As an all-volunteer organization, GRNC always puts your money to more efficient, effective use than any other group. That means GRNC can accomplish more with less money

            But “less money” doesn’t mean “no money.” As much as I hate “groveling for greenbacks,” I’m afraid I need your help in making sure we can turn back the leftist attack on mainstream American values

            Please help by going to:

            Alternatively, you can help by buying tickets to the GRNC-PVF “politically incorrect” AR-15 raffle. Thanks to Carolina Sporting Arms in Charlotte, the GRNC Political Victory Fund is raising money to kick tail in the 2022 elections by raffling off a choice Springfield “Victor” (B5) M-LOK AR-15, complete with Hex Dragonfly optic.  

            Tickets for the raffle are available at:  

            With your help, GRNC will once again prevail in the 2022 elections.         

Armatissimi e liberissimi,


F. Paul Valone
President, Grass Roots North Carolina

Executive Director, Rights Watch International

Radio host, Guns, Politics and Freedom