Gun Rights Supporters:

We need your immediate help to stop the sellout of your Second Amendment freedoms in the U.S. Senate. And central to the sellout is Senator Thom Tillis.

At issue are negotiations for a “compromise” on gun control between anti-gun Democrats and Republicans appointed to negotiate by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Two of the Republicans tasked with “compromising” your rights are Sens. John Cornyn (TX) and our own Thom Tillis. What we didn’t know until recent was what specific gun control was under negotiation.

Tillis supports “compromise” on gun confiscation

            Now, unfortunately, we do know what’s in it, in Tillis’ own words. In a video published by the Raleigh News & Observer, Tillis describe four “pillars” of the negotiations, the third of which are red flag” gun confiscation orders.

            Amid Tillis’ meaningless noise claiming there will be “due process” protections, the truth is that not all “due process” is created equal. Under what passes for “due process” with gun confiscation orders, here are some of the potential…

…Thom Tillis Gun Confiscation Nightmares… 

ü  A vengeful ex (or stepchild, or roommate, or even somebody you dated once ... or perhaps declined to date?) decides to “get you” by filing a complaint alleging that because you own guns you are “imminently dangerous.” 

ü  You don’t get a chance to defend yourself. That complaint, however flimsy or false, produces an immediate “ex-parte” (emergency) hearing, as in “24-7-365” – whether court is in session or not. Worse, you probably won’t even know the hearing is taking place, much less get a chance to defend yourself in court.

ü  Your guns get seized. If the judge decides enough evidence exists for a “temporary” order (and they almost always do), the first inkling you get that your guns are being confiscated could be when the sheriff shows up at your door.

ü  Getting your guns back could take years and thousands of dollars. Because they were taken in a civil procedure, you aren’t entitled to a court-appointed attorney, so if you can’t afford a lawyer, you’re pretty much screwed.

ü  You get reported to N.I.C.S. You will be a prohibited person in the national background check database. Even if the court order is allowed to expire, odds are it will take an act of Congress to get you out of the NICS database. 

ü  You could pay untold thousands for ‘storage.’ No maximum storage fees are stipulated, so the sheriff who confiscates your guns can charge you whatever he wants for “storage.” He can also fire them to obtain and record ballistics data. Moreover, we know anti-gun sheriffs have a habit of returning confiscated guns in less-than-ideal condition. 

ü  Your guns could be destroyed. Congrats! You’ve spent perhaps $50,000 fighting seemingly endless court orders and motions, but you are victorious: The Gun Confiscation Order is finally lifted. One little problem remains: Now that you are broke, the sheriff wants $10,000 for “storage” to return your guns. Oh, yes, and did we mention that if you don’t raise the money to file yet another motion to get them back within 90 days, your guns can be destroyed?

Turn up the heat on Tillis 

We’ve asked you to call and email Tillis, Richard Burr, and other Senate Republicans. But a gun control deal is imminent, so we need to turn up the heat.

            I need you to attend a demonstration at Tillis’ district office in Raleigh. We will have details out later today, but it will be on Friday, June 17 at 10 AM, and the location will be 310 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27601.

            Let me say this again: I NEED YOU TO ATTEND. Yes, it is a weekday. Yes, gas is expensive. (Thanks, Joe.) Yes, it is a pain. No, none of those things are an excuse for inaction. Moreover, I need you to bring other people.

            This is the last chance to stop federal legislation to promote gun confiscation orders. Worse, if they pass this “low-hanging fruit,” they will immediately come back for more because momentum will be on their side.

            Please monitor your email for details of the demonstration at Tillis’ district office. With your help, we will prevail.

Armatissimi e liberissimi,


F. Paul Valone
President, Grass Roots North Carolina

Executive Director, Rights Watch International

Radio host, Guns, Politics and Freedom