Will the real ‘Manchurian Candidate’ please stand up?



“…made to commit acts too unspeakable to be cited here by an enemy

who had captured his mind and his soul…” – The Manchurian Candidate 

I am not a believer in coincidence. So when a name starts appearing in different but related parts of a convoluted story, I smell smoke … and you know what they say about smoke. 

The name is Elvis M. Chan, rock star of the FBI’s “Foreign Influence Task Force” (FITF), formed by FBI director Christopher Wray in 2017 “to identify and counteract malign foreign influence operations targeting the United States.” (Wray, you may recall, has been denounced for politically weaponizing the FBI to harass Trump supporters and, in particular, those who doubt the 2020 presidential election.) 

This is what the Practicing Law Institute says about Chan: 

“…[he] is an Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) assigned to FBI San Francisco … [who] manages the field office’s Cyber Branch, which is responsible for cyber investigations, digital forensics, technical operations, community engagement, and public affairs. With over 16 years in the Bureau, he is a decorated agent who is recognized within the Intelligence Community as an election cybersecurity and cyberterrorism expert.” 

What’s fascinating is that this “decorated” agent’s name surfaced not only in the effort to quash the Hunter Biden laptop story on Facebook but now, thanks to Elon Musk, journalist Matt Taibbi and the “Twitter Files,” it surfaces that Chan also told Twitter who to censor. 


Has Joe Biden been compromised by the CCP? 

At issue is not just whether Hunter Biden, but also President Joe Biden have been compromised – and potentially blackmailed – by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)…