Remember in November:
A Guide to candidates' views on guns

 In a simple, easily utilized voter guide, the Remember in November project covers nearly all state and federal candidates in North Carolina. In 2010, GRNC distributed 110,000 such voter guides, including 85,000 mailed directly to gun owners across the state.

Using candidate evaluation criteria such as voting records, survey scores, bill sponsorship and other measures, GRNC has created an objective candidate evaluation system so sophisticated that it is used by the non-partisan Project Vote Smart (

The guide evaluates candidates' views on various hot  button issues, such as;  "assault weapons," Castle Doctrine, restaurant carry, gun storage laws, gun rationing, and the Second Amendment.  THE EVALUATIONS ARE NOT "ENDORSEMENTS." 

GRNC issued surveys first to a control group of gun owners and then to candidates. Next, we measured how closely each candidate's views and voting record and bill sponsorship (if available) agree with the control group.  (Pay more attention to voting records than survey results unless, of course, you believe politicians never lie.)

Candidates who earn a "4-STAR" rating agrees with pro-gun voters on at least 90% of gun issues, a 3-STAR agrees on at least 80%, a 2-STAR on at least 70%, a 1-STAR on at least 60%. A 0-STAR candidate agrees on less than 60% of gun issues.

The result is a completely objective candidate evaluation system in which, unlike certain other gun groups, no "deals" are made with politicians to inflate ratings: A candidate gets what he or she earns -- no more, no less. You can take the "Remember in November" guide to the polls with you and be confident you are voting for the best candidate to defend your rights.